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« I am not a trend follower, I just do what I like, the way I like it and feel it »

« Singularity defines who I am, how I think and envision watchmaking. For me it means what makes something unique and amazing in their own way like our timepieces.

Craftsmanships is the origin of my passion, a deep sense of purpose, a commitment to perpetuating the watchmaking legacy and excellence over time, crafting enduring timepieces made of restorable components.

I like the pleasure of beauty in craftsmanship, reflecting my love for handmade quality and inspired by the technical and decorative elegance of French horology in the 18th-19th centuries, and its commitment to aesthetic and mechanical perfection.

This is my watchmaking approach, blending inspiration from the past with modern techniques. It’s about creating singular things. »

Remy cools

Remy's Bio

Born in 1997 in France, Remy’s fiercely independent nature has driven him to pursue his goals with a strong trailblazing spirit, turning his childhood dream into a passion that defines his work today.

The story began at the age of 11 while visiting the Manufacture Frédéric Piguet in the Vallée de Joux, Switzerland. Assembling some movement components for the first time in his life sparked an obsession with watchmaking.

From devouring watchmaking books and buying vintage timepieces in flea markets ,he passionately sought the magic of time cultivated by 18th and 19th French watchmaker legends.

Rémy’s horological journey began when he enrolled in one of the prestigious French Watchmaking schools, the Lycée Edgar Faure in Morteau.

After his school hours, he restore and repair many old watches, marine chronometers and clocks for collectors.

After six years of studies and many wining awards, like the prestigious Young Talent Competition by FP Journe that he won in 2018. In 2019 Rémy decided at 22 years old to become an independent watchmaker and to set up his workshop.

Remy cools

Tourbillon clock made by Remy Cools at 18 years old.

He present his first watch, the tourbillon souscription in 2020 with success. During two years, he produced the nine watches for prestigious collectors around the world.

At the same time he embarked on the development of a new model and Expanding the expertise of Remy Cools' independent atelier, progressing towards greater autonomy by internalising knowledge and ultimately aiming for 100% in-house production.

Remy cools