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Tourbillon Atelier

« Inspired by the past , rooted in the present , shaping the future »

Following his « Evolve, Don’t Repeat » motto, Rémy Cools maintains the familiar spirit of the distinctive traits of his first series with a fresh mechanical approach and new signatures.

The Tourbillon Atelier stands out by its now emblematic domed sapphire crystal with a new case and movement. While maintaining the symmetry and simplexity that defines Rémy Cools beautechnicality, the second series is visually differentiated by the introduction of the crown at 3 o’clock.

The evolution goes beyond aesthetics, as every aspect has been reconsidered, reworked and refined. Pushing boundaries to reflect Rémy’s three years of additional experience and expertise.

The Tourbillon Atelier now boasts a more compact 39mm diameter and a slimmer 12mm thickness, incorporating a 3mm sapphire crystal.

Remy cools

An entirely new mechanical caliber has been developed with the highest standard of Rémy Cools quality and precision watchmaking.

This new movement reflects the Rémy’s passion for 18th and 19th french horology blended with his modern vision of watchmaking.


Encapsulating current mastery and knowledge into each components.

Remy cools

The distinctive design of the new round-polished convex hands with the new silver dials.

Image Description

The 13,2 mm Tourbillon carriage, entirely finished by hand.

Remy cools

At the Rémy cools Atelier, the watches are meticulously crafts from start to finish, handling nearly every step – from bridges and mainplates to decoration, finishing touches, gear cutting, wheel cutting, balance spring and gilding.

It’s for this reasons of quality, craftsmanships and precisions, they produce only 12 watches per year.

The Tourbillon Atelier series are limited in 36 pieces in total, all numbered and available in two versions :

Yellow gold color and Rose gold color

Technical specs

Movement :

- 33mm diameter
- 9mm thick
- 50 hours chronometric power reserve
- Frequency 2,5Hz ( 18,000 vb/h )
- 60 seconds Tourbillon
- Specific balance wheel and Swiss anchor escapement
- Hand formed Breguet hairspring
- Entirely hand finished ( visible and not visible parts )
- 235 components

Case and buckle :

- In Platinium
- 39mm diameter
- 12mm thick including 3mm higher sapphire crystal domed
- All sapphire glass
- Engraved Buckle and pin buckle in platinum

Dials and hands :

- Hours and minutes dials in silver with black indications hand printed
- Hand-formed and hand-polished steel hands.


- All of the decorations of the watch are made in the traditional way, by hand.